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 Welcome [Rules and Regulations]

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PostSubject: Welcome [Rules and Regulations]    Wed Aug 04, 2010 2:12 am

Welcome to Metropolis, your #1 source of everything urban.
Im your admin, Soul.

I hope you are enjoying you stay on the boards. before i let you got i have to lay some ground rules.

1) Do not post pornographic images on the boards. (links only, but post at your discretion.)

2) No spamming of any nature will be tolerated.

3) please keep beef and childish arguments to a minimum

4) No nudity of any form is allowed in the Shoutbox at any time.

These are simple ground rules to keep in the back of your mind. Again i hope you are, or getting ready to enjoy yourself on the forums.

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Welcome [Rules and Regulations]
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