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Commuter: life is best on the outskirts of the city.
Commuter: life is best on the outskirts of the city.

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PostSubject: Pressure   Tue Aug 10, 2010 10:48 pm

Me - The limelight has elevated our perception
Overweight off the fame but im addicted cause i gotta eat
Rentless i never sleep stay on guard cause failure creeps
Sending her goons to deploy traps fuck that im too good for that
To fade to black never reoccured in my dreams
I live n die by one rule....C.R.E.A.M
But in doing so i elevate further to godly status
Once a servant to the hood you can say that i run this ghetto planet
Word to jupiter however we still can be struck by the lighting bolt
we aren't blessed with immortality for time doesn't stand still
and our servants submit to a higher power
The ears of uncle sam the tyrant to Gods like us
And father time ever so nonchalant continues to push the hands forward
And in the process Unintentionally tries pushing us away from the present
And in turn the Public wants us to get a facelift
N Modernize our image....fuck that shit its just bunch of gimmicks
Nonetheless i digress we came into game blessed with godly intellect
N I refure to regress to an audienece with a baby's mentals
The fork in the road marks our current place in everything
One false step n its changes history for you n me

Aaron - This isn 't represented by the evaluated apprentice of penmanship
On that junqle gym ohf insanity cus the vanity is belittled belliqerent
So many mood swinqs on the devil 's playqround i miss the old days
Where recess wasnt impressed by adolescence and suicidal pains
Children of the corn grew from the seeds in concrete
Roses supposedely cultivated here by the sidewalks became ny transits with bright futures, we weren 't them
Mental purgatorys on that stairway to heaven make me recollect the collection plate
Dirty dishes with non-cleanly christianms determine who eats and whosztaken away
So i await in my room countin paper with dead facial features as the statue
All these medicated minstrel shows are getting at you
Die of a heart attack from all this beef dipped in unsanitary grease
High maintenance females i trusted lust for lies in these snake like pools
Aside from the changes everything has grown amazing
But im waitin, lifes too short to reach unattainable heights

Me - lifes too short to reach unattainable heights
But yet we conform ourselves to the whims of spectators
Power N Greed want to be bonnie n clyde n are cockblocking our shine
But yet i have a 6th sense that it isn't them that its you
That your playing benedict arnold to the revoloution we tryna move
Bumrush the show like public enemy
The love of my life infiltrating in the worst way
Schemeing on my passion for her slefish desires
Mass produce art throw it on an assembly the essence of you me
What was once blissful purirty now is disgraceful charity
To your wallet you couldn't stand being an equal
You've finally grown beyond the ying and yang bond that we had
Im mad n sad in the same breath can't believe i've been crossed
By someone which holds such deeply rooted ties
To my mentals n emoitions shit has finally hit the cellings
I finally see that you've been cheating on me with power and greed
Success is an addictions with those the side effects
All n all i guess its for the best that we put this shit to rest
For can't i have nobody backstabbing me
Crossing no mans land to achieve for you what i thought i was second rate to us
I digress the bond between music and the Mc Ceases

Aaron - Antithesis with a mere antistatement stated for anti people, i forqot i was here
Dilapidated compassion pen points could pinpoint the point in which i penned all the statements of fear
Out of siqht, out of mind, but intelleqence is deemed blind
Behind the catalogs nd the instrumental credentials
Its credibitlity ceases to amazes mhy arroqance
Had too many merges or concubine constipation, just shittin on the fact i had people from other places
It continuously qave me a sense of false security of impure purity
Or gave me the oppurtunity to be oppurtunistic in terms of takin back our maturity
Nevertheless sacred and immorally dissipated or patient
Nonetheless i was afraid to even say it
There is currently not a current theme in terms of makin currency
I concur the thinqs that stated in the past 24 hours
Emerqe throuqh dha merges and self indulqed permits are permissible by the possible Hancock of Jack Bauer
I said alot of conditions in reconciliation of pennin
Down the pre-nup, you married to a bitch
But the siqnature null and void, barely on ya job nd someone was not employed
In a war with a loqic, but too fearful to be deployed
Possibly could die in the lonq run of belivers
But we dreamers, the bond between me nd MC ceases
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