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Commuter: life is best on the outskirts of the city.
Commuter: life is best on the outskirts of the city.

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PostSubject: Represent   Tue Aug 10, 2010 10:51 pm

Me - We nomiate you as the barack of the jungle
serve the whole world slices of humble pie
Be the maya angelou of our times and tell the story thru our eyes
They fail realize to envision for they've viewed as onlookers
And they've puffed on the white horn since the day they was born
Living the cinderlla lifestyle high off the life they live
Due to the exploiting of our people
Slavery gone but the ghetto is the sequel
Deinal in they hearts that we are all equals
A shame and they call themselves god's people
But point being they never lived primitavely
Kill to live and live to kill word to moby dick
That powder got them playing devils advocate
To forumlate a perfect image but hide the flaws ain't that some shit?
I know you realize this for you a spectator as the government painted it
But irrevelant is this its obvious but finally were here kindgom come
Spell over the audio waves faded the chance stands right before us now
Its our time...time for you to represent us Do us proud

Aaron - So it begins again the phleigm is the circle of inexplicable monuments
Concrete roses in the form of pockets of posies and things in which i represent
I present to you the gift in which uplifts the cerebellum excellence aka common sense
im jus tryna make an impact for us as if i was the 1st hispanic president
Welcome to a game of bombarded charades in which mask the face of greed
Well imagine the painted faces in the crack spaces chillin with Twitter, MySpace and Facebook feeds
I'm ridiculed for exitin the ravine of low self esteem or is it me
But when i elevated north the southern regimes became keen
In a sense of preordained famed and fearful establishment
I had to speak my mind wiht a mouth on my cranium
Even though its unlikely that things start to unravel yet
Im on these tracks runnin my mouth like my teeth breathe stadiums
We are all equal people with inquisitve sensibility
Let my ability dictate our mental agility
Yall people are quick witted but im jesse owens dreams.
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