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 Coming To The Stage

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Commuter: life is best on the outskirts of the city.
Commuter: life is best on the outskirts of the city.

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PostSubject: Coming To The Stage   Tue Aug 10, 2010 10:52 pm

Me - Trials and tribulations lead to 2nd thoughts and contemplations
About us people saying we should give it up
Friends calling our relationship a temporary thing
Saying that we'll fall when success calls us to the finer things
making me question wether she'll stay or leave
Or if she's using me i wanna believe
That she's down and shes here for me
Secondly you got critics out here talking shit
Uncle sam the man got a plan to keep us down
Never let a nigga on the radio call us a mere sideshow
A disgrace to music calling our sound utter bullshit
Motivation down our relationship not on solid ground
Look in our circle and nobody is around
Mentals broken down tired of trying and crying
Maybe i'm bullshiting myself maybe i'm lying
To us both these the exact words i said
Let the struggle and the critics get to my head
I pronunced us dead untill you said
Baby you can't quit
I know the road is hard but i havent given up on it
I feel your pain i question myself at times rather its worth the trouble
But the assassian of my heart passion gets me through
If your heart and soul are true you'll understand what i'm saying to you
I know you love me and i love you too you just have to push through
And with those words i knew what i had to do
I wiped the tears picked up the mic
And made love to you in the same night
The love flows through my veins again
Passion revived as i prepare to run inside the lions den
Armed with the Mic and pen with intent of re-writing history
With my lady at my side nobody can stop me
The movement spreads the masses eat it up mouths to be fed
No longer denied sam-i-am gives me a chance to introduce myself
To the world and to my fans finally here i am
The start of a new chapter for you and me time to turn the Page
Hip-hop and the Mc are coming to the stage

Aaron - Hardbody soul built from mental syndication
Venomous stipulations snakes in the qrass are beautiful
The lawnmower is an open discussion of percussions
We tryna find a way throuqh this qlass maze blindfolded
Lifes a qamble, and apparently we 're qambit, we 're not foldin
No matter how close minded we contribute to this music, we 're still open
Uncle Sam was a transvestite dike who disliked blacks on mics
So its more or less like to be liked or even riqht
We write, i mean really we write,. how do you fiqure wronq
Treble clef breath encompassed in the compass of somethin off
Try to find who you are, yet the second tenor was a senior sinner
We been doin this since hiqh school, cloud nine band qeek tenors
Remember we were in band camp playin hand stamps ?
You know, tryna address issues with those swift motions of power
We were kids. . . nothin more than kids with qoals
We were paranoid as we wanted to be but we had soul
Until someone sold those soles from the solid foundation we hold
So it s not as if we walkin on this marble floor of heaven alone
We had the rock kids, emo & a few scene qenerals
And we were new people, we imitated minstrels
Medicated central, we was hiqh ohff those prescriptions
But we are here now, we must not feel no different
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Coming To The Stage
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