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 Feelin It

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Commuter: life is best on the outskirts of the city.
Commuter: life is best on the outskirts of the city.

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PostSubject: Feelin It   Tue Aug 10, 2010 10:55 pm

Me - All my life i simply been looking for something real
Suin i could feel life turned the cheeck n left me feelin ill
My mind still heart got the chills untill u came into the picture
Got me feeling a certain way tho life dnt want us to stay
Tryna Dictate my fate but it's too late i'ma man of independce
Fuck what she say or do i'ma tryna lay up each n everyday with you
I feel we got something real i know u tryna seal the deal
And you know i feel the same flashback to memory lane
When we was young n would experiment for fun
Capture the moment i know u feelin the idea of it
Bottle youthful passion make love on the mic deadly assassian
With that said lets take it to the booth of the studio n make it
So people can hear the essence of ture love on the mic we ain't faking it
Zoning in the booth as i stare into you with passionate eyes
Look of innocence on ya face thats a digusise
Fuck the foreplay i turn the beat on n turn you on
as i prepare to take you there and back with my wordplay
First verse i touch first base i can see it on ya face
as we go into hook i got you shook
Body shaking from stimulation of the mind n ears
tears roll down ya eyes as feelings grow inside
second verse rolls around i go further downtown
I move to closer to the core to the point where you can't take it nomore
The hook comes again she embraces for another round again
Verse 3 she telling me i don't know if i got anymore in me
She feenin n screaming as she hear my name on the hook
Then she hits the point of no return as the track ends
Then we throw on another beat n do it all over again

Aaron - Incoqnito sequel 's, clandestine embarassment
We were tha third eye blind from the qraceful chariity
Youinq mind 's who popped tags and begged for clarity
Beautiful funerals were nailed like cuticals
We were nailin each other like Yao Minq gettin a manicure
I was the only woman you endured, pure impurity
Usually unusual to usually speak seclusively
In seclusion was the secluded theme of thinqs
Impreqnated fountains of youth, we bathe in it
We drown our dauqhters in holy water
The mic became the father to the lost cause
Spittin rhymes on our anti-semetic shit, not abt jewels
We were holocaust bar spitte's, qas chambe's
Unleaded bullets sprayin throquh diesel labels
On that highway to hell we speedin and keep coastin
The love we had was ghost shit, not seen but potent
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Feelin It
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