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Fresh Meat- please don't steal my wallet!
Fresh Meat- please don't steal my wallet!

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PostSubject: Can,I?   Wed Aug 04, 2010 3:01 am

Can I Live?, As Day Turns to Night and The Night Clouds with Lies
Can I Live?, As The World Fills with Hate and Jealousy starts to rise
Can I Live?, As Life Reach It's Point and Faith Starts to Die
Can I Live?. As A Newborn arrives and In Some Family the Dreams of a Young One Just Died
Can I Live?, Pass The Age Of a broken Heart, Hearts are broken but mines just fell apart
Live I Can?, Just to see another day, In hope I get to see a better day
Live I Can?, Restored the Heart pass the age of the test, Bless with health my heart is not showing the stress
Live I Can?, Witness to see a child grow, The family Dreams never died we have a child's hope
Live I Can?, Leave On a good note, Faith is a blessing and God is the gentle folk
Live I Can?, See The World fill with Joy, and the trouble people bring we already learn to avoid
Live I Can?, Watch the clouds form away, to See the Sun Come and shine the Night Lies away
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