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 Dislogic /10

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Fresh Meat- please don't steal my wallet!
Fresh Meat- please don't steal my wallet!

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PostSubject: Dislogic /10   Wed Dec 07, 2011 3:23 pm

Fuck this
And fuck the world
I got nothing left
But the world still twirls
Twist and turn
Theirs nothing more
I've been flipped upside down
Tossed back and forth
Just throw me back down on my back
I plead no mercy
beggers is for quiters
I just want to go through with it
So I can prove to my Family
That in reality
That kid you said nothing matered to me
But actually I try,
I try hard
But I never put in enough
But I still go hard
Tougher than before
What's left, but nothing more
fair deal
I got up
I walked away
And to this day
All the shits and lies that flew by
I finally said goodbye
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Dislogic /10
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